András Pellionisz

András Pellionisz

Founder and President of HolGenTech Inc.

As a domain expert in Genome Informatics, Andras Pellionisz is a cross-disciplinary scientist and technologist. With Ph.D.’s in Computer Engineering, Biology and Physics, he has 45 years of experience in Informatics of Neural and Genomic Systems spanning Academia, Government and Silicon Valley Industry. Dr. Pellionisz played a leading role in the paradigm shift from Artificial Intelligence to Neural Nets, including the establishment of the International Neural Network Society. Today, his work is foundational to HoloGenomics, the integration of 100+ years of Genetics with 60+ years of Epigenetics. In 2005, he combined interdisciplinary communities of Genomics and Information Technology when he established the International HoloGenomics Society (IHGS).

Pellionisz founded HolGenTech, Inc. as a Genome Analytics company to leverage defense-validated high-performance hybrid computer hardware with a novel, fractal algorithm-based approach for genome analysis and recommendation.

Based on sound genome informatics, his work sets forth new mathematical principles for proceeding soundly with full exploration of the whole genome. Dr. Pellionisz’ fractal approach to genome function is now corroborated by recently published findings about the fractal folding of DNA structure by Presidential Science Adviser Eric Lander.

Dr. Pellionisz put forth the first theory of full genome (hologenome) recursive fractal iterative function, as the mathematical basis of genome regulation, presenting in Cold Spring Harbor Labs, 2009. He correctly predicted that genome regulation includes recursion in 1989.

His work, since 1989, precedes by many years what is considered today's cutting edge in genomic science. For years, Dr. Pellionisz published his research in direct opposition to mistakenly held assumptions (Junk DNA and Central Dogma) that held sway for decades. In 2002, just one year after The Human Genome Project acknowledged that a decade of research and billions of dollars failed to produce the expected 140-300 thousand "genes" in the highly repetitive genome, Dr. Pellionisz conceived FractoGene and filed US patents since 2002 (his first issued patent dated 1984). He formally published this work in 2006 before the US NIH DECODE concluded with a disposition consistent with Dr. Pellionisz' findings:

In 2008, his breakthrough research: "The Principle of Recursive Genome Function" superseded the misnomer "Junk DNA", a term widely used for 30+ years to define intergenetic material, was as widely misunderstood and dismissed until HoloGenomics. As now widely admitted, the material is critical to understanding DNA, and Dr. Pellionisz’ algorithmic formulations represent rare methods of discovery and application of the material.

Pellionisz’ US career started in 1973 with a Stanford Post Doctoral Fellowship followed by a position taken in 1976 as a Research Professor of Biophysics at New York University Medical Center. Anticipating the Internet boom, he moved back to Silicon Valley to work for the US government at NASA Ames Research Center as a Senior Research Associate of the National Academy. Dr. Pellionisz was the first to provide a blueprint instruction for automated landing an F15 fighter on one wing with the Transputer parallel computer neural network. He subsequently participated in the government handover of Internet development to private industry. From 1994, he served as Chief Software Architect to several "dot com boom" Silicon Valley companies.

Over the decades, Dr. Pellionisz successfully pioneered the geometrization of biology, first in neuroscience resulting in early industrial neural net applications and later in genomics, manifesting today in industrial applications for personal genomes. His efforts in the year of 2012, ending "the decade of genome uncertainty" he accomplished a geometric unification of neuroscience and genomics, and by FractoGene, the parent application of his IP-group issued on October 3rd, 2012, implements the industrialization of genomics to clinical use.

Board Membership

Chairman of the Board, HolGenTech, Inc. (Silicon Valley, California).
Board of Advisers at DRC Computer, Inc. (Silicon Valley, California)
Board of Advisers at Elogic, Inc. (Bangalore, "Silicon Valley" of India)


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Founder and President of HolGenTech, Sunnyvale, USA-Siliconvalley in California; (Informatics for the Genome Based Economy)
Board of Adviser to ELOGIC Technologies, Genome Analytics Service from India-Siliconvalley in Bangalore, India,
Board of Adviser to DRC computer, a Security First Company; Leveraging Defense HPC for Genomics
Director of Genome Informatics, Mitrionics, TM, Los Gatos, California
Founder of International HoloGenomics Society (Formerly PostGenetics Society)
European Union visiting Professor for Hungary (for "European Inaugural of IPGS")
Founder of FractoSoft (Software for PostGenetics, Silicon Valley, with Central European outsourcing)
Founder of Helixometry (IP portfolio holding, Silicon Valley)
Inventor and Founder of FractoGene (Fractal approach to DNA)
Chief Software Architect and Chief Intelligence Officer of several Silicon Valley Internet Companies in the boom
Founder of International Neural Networks Society (INNS)
Founding Editor of Neural Networks (publication organ of INNS)
Section Editor for Neural Networks of The Cerebellum (Springer, New York & Heidelberg)
Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, New York University Medical Center
Visiting Professor of Marburg University, Germany (Humboldt Prize for Senior Distinguished Amercian Scientists)
Visiting Professor of UMR/CNRS, College de France, Paris
Senior Research Council Associate of the National Academy of Science, USA, to NASA
PostDoctoral Fellow, University of Iowa
PostDoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Tenured Senior Research Fellow and Doctor of Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences