Dr. József Bokor

Dr. József Bokor

Research director and professor


Technical University Budapest, Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation, B.Sc., 1971

Technical University of Budapest, Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation, M.Sc., 1972

Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), 1977

Doctor of Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, D.Sc.), 1990

Academician, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1998

Teaching and research activities

Courses include undergraduate courses in control, Ph.D. courses in linear system theory, multivariable feedback systems and system identification, and control of nonlinear systems (Technical University Budapest), multivariable robust control (MIT Cambriedge), system identification and application to space structures (Technical University Delft), system idenfication (University of Minnesota).

Research Professor of the Department Széchényi University, Győr (automotive control systems)

Research fields

Linear multivariable systems, modeling, identification and robust control. Parametrization issues, identification in closed loops, use of rational bases for modeling dynamic systems, investigation of an associated realization theory. Identification and control of vibrating structures with applications to automotive and aerospace systems. Fault detection and isolation, elaboration of detection filters for LTI and LTV systems, robust filter design using H∞ approach.

Prizes and Acknowledgements:

Honorary Doctor, University of Timisoara, 2007

Széchenyi Award of the Republic of Hungary, 2007.

HÉLIOSZ Medal, 2003.

BENEDIKT Medal, 1999.

Dénes GÁBOR Medal, 1994.

Prize of Computer and Automation Institute, 1987, 1991, 1997, 1998, 1999

Hungarian Academy of Sciences for outstanding scientific contributions, 1987.